Washington DC Metro Sucks.

Life, Rants

Good luck getting to the innauguartion next week. The DC metrro can barely handle the normal volume of passengers without breaking down all the time. And then, there’s parking….

I got to the Vienna Metro at 8:33 by my car’s clock, which is probably about 8:25 in real time. Both parking garages were full. And not just “oh i just missed the last spot” full. I’m talking about 50 angry people circling the lots in cars looking for some poor sucker to mow down full.

WTF? I think that’s a pretty resonable time to get to the metro, the ride should take about 45 minutes that would put me into work before 9:30, a time when most people who work in an office have to be there. I think the thing that really pisses me off is that they closed down the auxillary parking lot about a year ago, because, I assume that they were going to construct a new garage. But they’ve done nothing in the year since then and now I hear that the garage project has been cancelled because of lack of funds…. ARRRRGGG

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