I need to get my mp3 player fixed before I kill someone.

Life, Rants

the Sansa e260 that I’ve been using has recently bit the dust with a very inconvenient “blue ring of death” and my old Ipod had an unfortunate accident while snowboarding (more on that later) So I’m without any music on the Metro, which hasn’t been a problem. until today, when I met “loud obnoxious music guy” while stuck on the orange line for an hour and a half. After listening to other passengers confront him and hearing his douchy “It’s a free country” response I decided to try out the restrained “Mark-hulk” approach… and that slowly deteriorated into “im just going to stare a hole through your head until YOU punch me so I can literally throw you off the train” but alas… that didn’t happen. And I decided to take myself out of that situation and get on the next train. But it’s about time that I get my headphones back… for the saftey of the (douchbags) public.

I’m trying to restrain the 6’5″ sleep deprived Mark-Hulk, but it’s getting harder DC…

(this blog cannot be used against me in a court of law.)

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