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I’ve been thinking about this blog more and more this week. I’m helping my friend Sean redesign his layout and move to a new server. It will eventually be on but for testing im hosting it on Modifying the theme is a little more tricky than I would like, but I’m coming along with it. It’s going to be a simple design but very tightly designed. It makes me want to redesign this theme… and I probably will in the near future.

It also makes me rethink having two blogs. was supposed to be some kind of middle ground where I could dump anything that I was working on and not be afraid to show it. I was trying to keep some distance between my professional side, my personal side, and my artistic side. What I’ve realized is that no matter what I’m only one person. If I put Mark Schumaker in the meta tags of all the pages, I’m really not separating anything. So I might as well just put all my blogging and art in one place and have a portfolio site in another. So I’m shutting down that blog and bringing all the content over here.

I’m still keeping… because everyone should own their name.

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