I hate the DC Metro system so much.

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Lets look beyond the fact that the system was designed in the 70’s with aesthetics in mind more than functionality. there can never be express trains, I get that. I get that the system is low on money because they have to spend a million dollars per year to shampoo the carpets. I get that they’re on manual mode right now because of the crash last month. What I don’t understand is why they have “Scheduled Track Maintenance” during operating hours.

Every Saturday they seem to be doing it on the orange line, 45 minute delay. Coming back from the Nationals game they had it on a weekday, 30 minute delay at West Falls Church and 2 hours total trip time. Last night they had all trains shut down from the Pentagon to Rosalyn on the Blue line and I waited at the Braddock Rd stop for 45 minutes before they announced it.

The only time it runs smoothly are the rush hours in the morning and afternoon and even then I’m sweating my ass off.

The DC METRO SYSTEM SUCKS, don’t take it unless you’re scared to parallel park or drunk.

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