Laptop Batteries… a pox on you.

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So for about a year the battery in Lappy Topperson has been dying a slow death. I’ve tried putting it in the freezer, (that actually brought it back from 30 second life to about 45 minutes, but that faded also. Then the bettery indicator started blinking at me. Mocking my cheapness with four repeating blinks. So I finally decided to get a new battery. But I’m not going to give Dell $95 – $135 for a new battery. So I found a cheap one on for $35 bucks. Which seems like a savings but now I realize that it makes the laptop so hot that the trackpad starts freaking out and clicking everything.

So I’m either an Internet deal genius or a cheap bastard who’s able to deal with annoyances for a price.

Either way I win.

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