The Asshole Tax

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No Reunion for you.

No Reunion for you.

I’m out $140 because I am an Asshole.

I am an asshole for thinking that I would like to go to my 10 year reunion.

In this age of Facebook and Myspace why did I want to go? I already know that 80% of my class has kids, that 10% are rich douchebags now, that the 2% that I still hang out with are the only ones I really want to. We had ~400 people in my graduation class, of those 85 people RSVPed and only 35 people paid. So the event got canceled. Really Really canceled, so much so that the person in charge only has $450 left, total. So by my math we probably gave TJ’s catering $1500 for an event that’s not happening.

This is the list of people who paid for this reunion. It’s the list of people who care. It’s pretty much who I thought would be on there, the “nice” people from North Stafford circa 1999. The kind of people who would go out of there way to help you. I don’t remember exactly who everyone is, but I know who I don’t see. I don’t see many cheerleaders or football players. I don’t see the “cool” kids. I don’t see the “freaks” either, they’re too smart to pay $70 per person to go to this thing. I just see people like me, people who were friends with everybody but sometimes let everyone walk over them and take advantage of them. I guess some things never change.

Other Assholes
Joanie Cassese (Courneya)
Heather Rector
Sarah Enten
Elizabeth Walts (Odonnoghue)
Nicholas Doolittle
Christa Crawford(Thompson)
Matt Thompson
Virginia Baker
Alida Smith (Katzenberger)
Kalila Wise
Pamela Aultman (Millin)
Andrea Butler
Samantha Seay
Jenni Folta (Baltzelle)
Mark Shumaker
Jessica Gurzo
Darcy Moore
Eric Chinault
Shannon Boone

It’s not like I don’t appreciate Heather for doing this. Planning my wedding I’m getting an understanding of how hard is is to plan an event. But I’m so pissed about being screwed out of $140. And if you’re offended that I put you on this list and called you an Asshole, just get over it. It’s my way of dealing. I think Heather is working hard to salvage some kind of reunion, but I don’t even know if I would enjoy going to an event planned with the remaining $450. It’s only $12.87 each anyway. I’m pretty sure the only topic of conversation would be how we got screwed by the 52 people that RSVPed but didn’t pay. Instead of a reunion we get 2 free drinks at TGI Fridays and dinner with a bunch of bitter assholes.

I’ll just take my ceremonial etched glassware and sit it on my shelf as a reminder not to be such an Asshole.

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