Vienna Metro Parking Status

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South Garage

South Garage

Vienna North Garage Full 8:27
I know that because some guy cut me off for the last space.

Vienna South Garage Full 8:32
I know this because I took the last space. suckers.

I think this is way too early in the school year for the garages to be filling up at these times. I remember when I used to get there at 8:45 and get a space at the north garage. What’s DC Metro going to do about it? I’m going to bet nothing. I don’t understand why they don’t loose some of those reserved spaces. They would make more money per day, I see at least 40 or 50 cars being turned away every day and I don’t see any more of the reserved spaces getting sold.

The only thing more annoying than the parking in the garages is that they pay a person to sit in the booth at the exit. They don’t take cash and only one lane can use a credit card. So essentially the person’s whole job is to tell people that they need a smart trip card or to move to the next lane. They are human signs.

I just wish DC gave a shit.

2 thoughts on “Vienna Metro Parking Status

  1. But everyone uses human signs. I saw a place using a really good sign flipping guy to attract volunteers instead of paying for cheap interns.

  2. south parking deck:
    5:40am – 1st spot by the stairs on the 2nd floor taken
    6:15am – 10 spaces away from the stairs radially

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