Quick things I have learned recently

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Unlearn what you have learned

Unlearn what you have learned

  1. If you try to resize a .png file and “save for web” in Photoshop as a Jpg… the results will suck.
  2. Apple has a great warranty on their hardware.
  3. Even with ATT’s crappy service on the Metro, if you start a streaming podcast at Lenfant plaza you’ll buffer enough to get you out the top of the Federal Center SW without any stuttering.
  4. My least favorite personality trait is “the one upper” especially the non-self-aware one upper who doesn’t like New Yorkers because “they think they’re better than you”.
  5. Brian Regan is still a genius.
  6. Idiocracy is an under rated movie.
  7. I can get an almost full wifi signal from the Starbucks downstairs when I am in the bathroom on the second floor.

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