Bose Stormtrooper Headphones

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The Bosetroopers

The Bosetroopers

When I got the IPhone I stopped using the old Bose headphones. So I decided that I would paint them.  The only problem with this is that I’ve never been able to paint anything that looked good for longer than a week. I set these aside until I almost forgot about them, I pulled them out last night to take a look at them. Turns out I used water based paint in the airbrush and it had already started flaking off. So instead of taking my time and finishing the design with perfection, I descided to whip out the extra-fine paint pen and just freehand it. I took a bunch of pictures because I’m sure that in a week or so these are gointg to look like crap and I’m going to have to do a lot of work to start over.

2 thoughts on “Bose Stormtrooper Headphones

  1. I used an airbrush, so whatever came with the airbrush. But the one thing I would reccomend is that you really clean the headphones before you paint. And give it a wipedown with alcohol to get all the oil off.

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