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I was going through my blog and saw that I had 26 posts in the Draft folder, which seems like too many.  So I’m going to lump them all into one giant post.  It might not all be awesome content, but there are some nuggets of awesome that I couldn’t elaborate into a longer post.

The Advantages of not being a Creative.

I’m just a guy.
A creative is someone who works in advertising, but they know they do so they use the lingo. Somebody in advertising looked at his own profession and decided that to market the creative people IE:graphic design professionals.. better he needed to talk about them in aesthetic terms that other marketing people would understand. You have to be in the industry to understand the term. it doesn’t’ mean anything to the regular person. which makes it arty and cool. It’s a cycle It’s one idea feeding another. It’s the regeneration of creative waves in the world.

The Downfall of Graffiti in DC

Jack Boyz... you can do better.

There’s something about this picture that says more about the state of DC public schools than any statistics could. Not only are they misbehaved little bastards on the Metro. But they can’t even manage good graffiti. I think all the texting has ruined it, you need style, the letters need to be so stylized that you can barley read them. I need to go teach an after school program in graffiti styles. This is like the Jerry Springer guest version of graffiti, stupid words repeated over and over like it’s going to be any better the second or third times.

I live my life close to ceiling fans
I’ve always been mesmerized by spinning objects. There’s something about the inherent danger of something spinning at thousands of rpms that is so intriguing. When I was a kid I used to open the washer when to was on spin cycle, jam a pen in the latch and watch it spin. The cool damp air whipping around my face. Maybe it was the danger of possibly getting something caught in there and being mangled. I’ve heard some people are like that with tall things. They imagine themselves jumping off.

Strangely I’ve never felt this way about ceiling fans. I’m tall, not freak tall, not tall enough that Billy crystal would try to make me his giant. But I’m tall. So I’ve spent my adult life looking on top of refrigerators and being closer to the ceiling than the average person. I don’t know where I’m going with this

Open Letter to Dr Laura.
I just thought this was informative and interesting

Bad Omen
Worst omen since Yule Brenner kissed Sanka’s lucky egg and caused the bobsled to crash and ruin the hopes of a whole country….But fuck that East German guy and his slow clap.

Repurpose the Future
Maybe the human pop culture machine only has the capacity to create new things for a 30 year window.. maybe 20. and that’s why we’ve started remaking everything. …or something? I don’t know it sounded good in my head.

I hear you’re all concerned about how liberal I have become.
Dear Family and Friends,

I know recently some of you have expressed concerns over how liberal I have become. But Let me set the record straight. You should not look to this as losing a friend but gaining an ally in the coming Liberal revolution. I will make sure that you, my trusted underlings, will have a place at the front of the bread lines created by the new Socialist government. Voting for Obama may be the best thing I could do for you! When you are all rounded up and forced into the reeducation facilities I will be able to ensure that you are given preferential treatment. Assuming that you undergo the required training and pass all necessary loyalty exams.

When the center of government is moved to Riyadah I will be able to communicate with you through the trusted citizen system as you will all be locked behind the great internet firewall.

A list of semi-horrible movies that I like

  • XXX: State of the Union – Ice Cube
  • Jason X
  • Cannibal: The Musical
  • Baseketball
  • Orgazmo
  • Flesh Gordon
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Cabin Boy
  • Showgirls
  • Killer Clowns From Outer Space
  • Spaced Out
  • Road House
  • Monkeybone
  • Ice Pirates
  • Joe’s Apartment
  • Masters of the Universe
  • Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension
  • The Core

Quotes that I thought sounded funny at one time.
“I spend my days flicking boogers in the face of a plastic tiki god.”
“Have you ever wanted to see just how much coffee you could drink in one day?”

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