Jack Johnson at Merriweather 2010

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Who knew Jack Johnson was this popular? Certainly not this guy. I was kind of expecting a kind of “half full Wolftrap” like crowd. But this was a SOLD OUT crowd, it was just an astonishing amount of people.

I guess that’s because Jack is some kind of non offensive surf-rock/environmental guru type that does music for kids movies featuring cartoon monkeys. There’s no way that anyone could ever be intimidated by this guy. So women like him and guys aren’t threatened by that.  This could be number one on Stuff white people like.  If there were a ‘Stuff hot chicks and douchebags like’ it would be number one with a bullet.  This must be the music they play at Hollester or Abercrombie, because they all seemed to be there.  I’ve also learned he’s big in the “we’re in our thirties and have kids but are still trying to be cool” crowd.

It’s not like I didn’t have a good time. It’s just that this wasn’t the kind of concert crowd I’m used to. I guess it’s because I’ve only been to Hippie Jam festivals or Rock Festivals in High School.

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