Driving to work again

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When I got back from the honeymoon I got the strange news that even though we won the contract at work most of us would be reassigned to new projects. It’s a long story that I don even quite understand. But bottom line is I now work in Tyson’s Corner instead of DC.

I thought this would be great. Besides the soul crushing traffic on 123 in the morning and the fact that my commute is 3 times longer in a slight drizzle. But I forgot one crucial point… Radio commercials….

I’ve become annoyed by the Geico commercial about the spider who is washed out by a storm. Why do the mention the sleep number bed by name? Why do they tell you what the spiders sleep number is? I think it’s some kind of PR science experiment to distract you from realizing that your listening to a commercial. It’s like they think that since you heard the name of another product your mind will think you’re listening to a news program or something.

And if I have to hear the ‘Att one second behind’ commercial I’m going to break a hole in the dash of my car. I have a message for you advertising agency, I change the station one second into that commercial. You say that any publicity is good? Well F.U. in the earhole!

actually pretty much all radio commercials get on my nerves now. It’s like there’s some kind of contest to see who can come up with the most annoying one. I guess I should be lucky that at least they don’t have the eastern Motors ones anymore. Those would get stuck in your head for days. But Joe Hadeed isn’t far behind. “If you stand on it, we’ll stand behiiiiiinnd it”

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