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Hey Internet,

It turns out that adding buying a new house and being a newlywed is tough to squeeze into an already tight schedule. One of the things that has been getting pushed aside is updating this blog, facebook, and most other computer related projects. This past weekend was presidents day so I was able to catch up on some projects and kind of keep my head above water on some others.

Overall the house is getting to feel more like a home, we have the living room/kitchen area pretty well set up as well and the bedroom completely set up.  Since those two rooms are pretty much the size of our entire previous house it’s pretty easy to forget the rest of the house even exists. The Office is in some kind of usable state, Kara (Laurel’s sister) is using one of the bedrooms and the other is filled with everything that doesn’t fit in the other rooms of the house.

It’s becoming a slower process to finish setting up all the other rooms. I’m hoping to have some time to get to some art projects in the coming weeks (door knockers, Rad Hoodies)

As if I needed another project… Enter, The Basement Bar.

We started building the bar in the basement, I’m hoping to have a full descriptive post sometime or at least some better pictures. It’s looking very smooth and thanks to Wade, Charlie, and Jesse much better than I would have built it myself.

I’ve also included a picture of the cabinets and workbench in the ‘laundry /Art project room’ Hopefully I’ll get to sit down there and finish some projects soon!

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