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So I really like the Nike Olympic USA BMX jersey. Some people don’t like it because they think it looks like a beer league softball jersey. But I think it’s a great throwback to the roots of BMX. And who doesn’t like screaming eagles holding handlebars?

So I like the jersey and want to own one, so I look online and can’t find it anywhere. So being a person familiar with the internet in 2012 I did the next logical thing, I emailed Nike and asked where and when they would be available. This was their response.


Thank you for your email regarding the BMX “Screaming Eagles” and items for purchase.

There is not any information at this time as to if we will make any “Screaming Eagles” apparel or items. I would be happy to put in some feedback stating that you would like for us to make some items.

If you have any other questions please send us an email. Have a great day!

So… Shit. So just as I’m going to write this blog past complaining about not being able to get these shirts. I find this picture.


So either Nike has no idea what different sections of their company are doing or these are bootleg items. Either way I’m totally getting one.


I received the package in the mail and can report that these are indeed Nike products (or very elaborate fakes) and that they are of high quality. My only complaint is that the long sleeve t-shirt is a little thin. Here is the Link.

6 thoughts on “NIKE Olympic BMX gear

  1. So…..? This “Inspired by the Nike BMX Uniforms” collection.

    Is this from Nike, or from somewhere else?


    Iowa City

  2. I thought the same thing! I was actually going to be quiet about it until they came just in case I was buying some bootleg knockoffs. But they are official Nike products, the long sleeve t-shirt is made of the dri-fit material and the tag looks real. I got the hat also, it feels like the quality you would expect. I assume that line means, not ‘race worn jersey’ quality, but just the same look.

  3. I was thinking about buying one of these, but they don’t have the little “speed bumps” on them that makes the race worn jerseys so unique. They also look like they have a grayish logo instead of a red one, and the Nike logo is in a different place. I’m holding out until they (fingers crossed) release the actual race jersey.

  4. I was gonna say the same thing as Sean, above. The jerseys I’ve seen links for aren’t the official team ones – like I’d want. I keep trying to find them someplace. Plus, all the links I find like the one above are out everywhere.

  5. I too wanted the official jersey with the bumps, but would have been happy with the dri-fit you guys speak of (great deal for $30 too!). Since Im a little late to the party, I just scour eBay EVERY DAY looking for nike bmx jersey items. I did manage to find a nike BMX jersey from the previous olympics and LOVE IT.

    My search continues…

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