This is Me…

Life, Randomness

20071026_00199.jpg Hi, this is me. Mark Schumaker. I am and live in Oakton Virginia for the time being. right now I am a Software Developer (JAVA) for a government contractor in Washington, DC. It’s really boring work there and I probably won’t talk much about it… ever. But being a code monkey allows me to have money, which allows me to live the life I have become accustomed to.
I like things, I tend to buy them. I like to watch horrible sci-fi movies and almost every movie made in the 1980’s. I really don’t have favorite movies, when I’m asked to come up with a list the only one that ever comes up is Star Wars. But that is the default Geek answer. Now since I don’t like being the default anything I have a hard time with that answer. I would say something horrible like “Hudson Hawk” or “Meet the Feebles”. But either A. nobody’s going to know what those are. or B. You are going to be lumped into that “emo, too cool for school, I only play old school NES… myspace” category that I really don’t want to be involved in. So pretty much my favorite movie is whatever one I just finished watching. Because if it’s good enough for me to sit through I probably liked it.
I also have a strange affection for limited edtion things, mostly candy and soft drinks. You can see some examples under Life>>Random. I think that comes from being A. a consumer whore. B. an art major who loves well designed ad campaigns. and C. Easily influenced by advertising. But since I really don’t care I’m fine with it.
So what makes me cool is that I take things from all the groups that I’ve been associated with and mix them all together. I like old school hip-hop, 80’s hair bands, Kelly Clarkson, Punkish Electronica Goth stuff (MSI), Female Metal (Kittie), Christian Rap and I like most of the people who listen to each of those types of music.
I’m just trying to say that I’m unique… just like everybody else.