DIY Wedding registry is not quite ready for prime time.

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This pot is $49.99

This pot is $49.99

But it is ALMOST there. I’ve been using the Amazon wish list for a long time now and I really like it. The addition of the Universal wish list was a great addition, I just have the universal wish list bookmark on the firefox toolbar to add things from other sites. So when it came time to register for the wedding I thought… hmm… I wonder if Amazon has a wedding registry. It does!

We started using it a couple weeks ago and we’ve found some shortcomings with it. First off, While I do like shopping online, there are somethings that I want to see in person. When it comes to choosing a good set of pots and pans I want to hold the handle in my hand and see the finish for myself. I had heard about the iphone app Redlaser which scans bar codes and looks up the prices online on Amazon and Google. So I went ahead and bought it. The first time I tried it out it was amazing… it just worked. I scanned in a set of pans, it looked them up on Amazon and found that they were $30 cheaper online. Great! Then I noticed that you

Laurel as Vanna

Laurel as Vanna

can add to the wish list directly from the iphone! Could life get any better? I submit that it could not! But then I noticed something, you can’t add something to the Wedding registry from the Mobile version of (glaring omission #1). So I thought I would just add them to my wish list then move them over later, until I found out later that you CANT DO THAT. (glaring omission #2) So you have to… find the item on the wish list, click on it, re-add it to the wedding registry, then remove it from your wish list.

So what could have been “historically awesome” was rendered “just pretty cool” by Amazon.

In Summary the good things about Redlaser and Amazon are…

  • The Redlaser app is historically awesome.
  • Amazon Registry works with the universal wish list button.
  • The Registry separates the items into categories.
  • unique URL for sending out to people.

Bad things…

  • Universal wish list items are relegated the universal wish ghetto at the bottom of the page.
  • You can’t move items from your regular wish lists to the registry.
  • Cant put things on the wedding registry from Amazon mobile.