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Before I moved out of the house in Vienna the roomates were having a discussion on how many games of Beer Pong have been played at the house. In the interest of statistical accuracy I gave the guys a notebook to keep track of all the games and so was born… The Pong Log.

I moved in with Laurel and came back every once in a while to hang out but I really wasn’t there all that much. I remember being surprized when Jesse said that Greg was dominating all the games, he was always good but not in a 31 game win streak sort of way.  So now that they are moving out of the house I decided to put together a little website dedicated to the Log. But in typical Mark fashion I was a little bit grand in the plans and constructed the worlds most complicated, in-depth, and potentially accurate Beer Pong Stats Database EVER.  It’s not totally compete, but all the records are up to date and I’ll be adding more stats/records.

Before you get on our case for drinking this much beer. I just want to let you know that they didn’t actually play by the official rules and force the losers… or even the winners,  to drink all the cups that were left on the table. I think they actually used water some of the time.

I present…