The elusive black minivan finds its true calling.

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The BlacknessI saw this while driving west on rt. 66 last night. I thought it was so cool that I missed my exit and had to take a 15 minute detour to find my way back. (it really wasn’t that bad, I’m just an idiot) Anyway I can’t tell if this is just a cut rate funeral home or if it’s supposed to be ironic. I think it’s the latter.


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The rare black minivan and other not so interesting things about this morning.

Life, Randomness

On the way into work this mornnig I was behind the rarest of things, a black minivan. You don’t see many in that color, most come in the suburbanite hunter green variety. Another rarity on this vehicle was the flambouyant gold package. I don’t know why I was so intrested in this thing, I think it’s the fact that minivans are mostly being replaced by the SUV and I really have fond menories of the ol’ road slugs. Another good thing about this morning… Banannas and Cream oatmeal. I had been avoiding the yellow packet in the variety package in my desk for a few days now. But I thought I might as well get it out of the way so I could go back to enjoying strawberry and blueberry goodness. But this is good, cleaning the bowl good, and thinking about seconds good. Well first hour of the day down, I think it’s time I do some work.