Accidental Treo Durability Testing.

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So on the list of things that happened last week I forgot to mention that I had a little accident with my phone. This would be a huge deal, but thankfully I didn’t actually pay for the phone that I was using it was a gift from my old roommate Greg. I hadn’t signed a new contract with Cingular in 3 years because I didn’t need a new phone and I was happy with my plan. I just kept waiting for something awesome to come out but every phone that they offer seemed to have something wrong with it. No wifi. slow processor. no battery life. costs $600.

But this weekend I was wearing sweatpants, the solution and cause of all life’s problems. I got into the passengers side of Laurel’s car and didn’t notice anything was wrong until later when I was looking for my phone. I didn’t think anything of it because I leave that thing at home all the time. But when I hadn’t found it when I got home I started to worry. My fears were confirmed when Bobby brought it inside, he found it in the street. It must have fallen out of my sweatpants pocket and then we ran over it on the way out.

One good thing I can say about Palm is that the phone stil worked… sort of. The screen was crushed in 20 places, but it would still come on and most of the buttons still worked. But the problem is that the device would come on, but it was really hard to start the phone application without a screen. I did manage it once by pressing the touchscreen where I thought the buttons would be. But then I played with it some more and couldn’t duplicate that feat.

So I went ahead and signed a new contract with Cingular in exchange for a discounted price on the 8125 (HTC Wizard). It seems like a pretty good phone. It’s a little hard getting used to windows mobile 5, Palm OS may not have as many features and settings built in, but it’s a much more stable and fast system. The wifi is nice, I’ve already connected it to a free wifi spot at work without much trouble. If only I can do the same at home, I’ll be the king of the Sausage.