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Emily Perkins wrote…

As a Christian, I am often frustrated by the media only choosing to show extremists and wackos as opposed to those who actually follow the teachings of Christ. I can’t imagine, however, how it must be to be a Muslim in the United States today, where the term itself is used to try to disqualify and smear a presidential candidate. I pray that the voice of Muslim-Americans across the nation will be heard as clearly as any other. Freedom of religion is supposed to be a fundamental of this country. Maybe we will live to see the day when this is a reality.


I don’t think it’s that the users of that website are more intellegent than others, I’ll bet its that the comments are more heavily moderated because they are a very visable website. I don’t know what website has the best community of commenters but if I had to list the bottom 3 it would be…


Wretched hives of scum and villany