DIY ring display box

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We needed a ring display box and couldn’t find any locally, we didn’t plan ahead and buy one online. Which is pretty much how every DIY story starts, right?

So here is the plan we came up with.
Pool noodle
Black fabric
Picture frame
Hot glue gun

1. Cut a section of the pool noodle the width of the frame.
2. Cut the section in half lengthwise, then halfs again, then halfs again. This will leave you with 1/8ths.
3. Lay these out on the backing of the frame. Until you have enough.
4. Hot glue them down to the backing.
5. Cut the fabric into a strip the width of the frame and about 3 times the length.
6. Glue the top edge of the fabric to the top of the noodles, where you glued it down.
7. While keeping the fabric taught, use a piece of cardboard/posterboard to push the fabric between the noodles.
8. Try not to get frustrated.
9. Do this for the remaining noodle sections.
10. String! Spiral string through the cracks in the noodles, this will help keep the fabric in when they pull the rings out. (This isn’t tested!)
11. Insert the backing back into the frame.
12. Done!

more pictures after the break.