It's not the Beer… well not just the beer anyway.

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For about the last year I’ve had NFL quarterback stats. Specifically Ben Roethlisberger 6’5″ 235lbs. We’re like exactly the same… well he may be in a little bit better shape… well, a lot better… whatever.

I stepped on the scale at Laurel’s brother’s house in WVA and the gravity must be heaver out there because it said that I was approaching 250. So when I got back home I used my scale and confirmed it. I weight 246lbs.


The thing is I don’t have a beer belly, I’m gaining mass in all places at once. It’s like my entire front side is extending outward. It dosen’t feel very healthy.  Of course my mother will blame it on me drinking too much beer, which probably dosen’t help. But I think I’ve found another culprit, Starbucks scones. I guess I should have figured this out before, but the blueberry scone has 300 calories and 20 grams of fat… and I eat one 5 days a week.

So the new plan is….

  1. Cut down on weekly beer intake.
  2. Eat oatmeal or bagel for breakfast.
  3. Play basketball with Q, Travis, and Nigel twice a week.
  4. Don’t be fat.

I’ll keep you updated, Internet.