The Journey – Wood Recycling Project

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This video caught my attention because I’m interested in reusing old materials. My focus for this summer is going to be “Making it work with what you have”. I’ve been interested in reusing old barn wood for new projects. I have an old barn in my back yard, I just need to find a project! The old wood just has so much character to it. the tree it was made from grew here in the civil war and maybe earlier. It may take more work to use, but I think we all need to realize that being sustainable is going to take a little bit more work.

This is a video from The Journey. A non-funded documentary project that travels around by bike and shoots little videos about sustainable local environmental projects. I think it’s really exciting that some people aren’t out screaming about how bad the world has gotten, they just decided that if something is going to change then we’re going to have to do it ourselves.

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Sad sad state of affairs in the environment these days.

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Dead albatross on Midway

Dead albatross on Midway

For me it’s pictures like this that really drive home the need to do all we can for the environment. This is one in a series of photos about birds killed by toxicity or starvation from eating plastic bits floating in the ocean. It’s interesting to see that the plastic never dissolves even while being in the ocean, then in the birds stomachs, then out in the sun. When the birds decay and rot away all that will be left is the trash.

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