Dream a little dream

Life, Randomness

I had a weird dream this morning. I think it was one of those where you wake up in the dream and it seems like you’re going about your daily routine. I remember being the DJ at a big club, I was up in the DJ booth with all the equipment. Everybody was dancing and having a great time. But I wasn’t really doing anything, I was just playing a CD, somebody next to me was handing me CDs and I was just playing them. So I “wake up” and get ready for work and make it to the Metro, when I pick up the Express the cover picture is of people dancing at a club. There in the DJ booth it’s me! But I have this crazy gnarly blonde beard, it’s all thin and wispy. I’m wearing earphones and have a goofy smile on my face. But when I read the article that follows it, none of the facts are right, and I was credited as Mark McBrian? But it was a really realistic dream, not very crazy but weird!