Gotta get up to Get Down or Burn Mother-Funker Burn American Dreams.

Entertainment, music

As a hyperactive child and often unfocused adult I am still working on my ability to express myself with words, but feelings are something that I’m intimately familiar with. There are just a handful of songs that when I listen to them I get that excited feeling that I just want to make things happen. What stuff? Just about anything! If I’m about to drop into a hard snowboard run it will get my feet moving in just the right way so I don’t end up in pieces on the bottom of the hill. If I’m thinking of an Art project it will get the creative juices flowing. Or if I have nothing in particular to do then it will just get me bouncing around like an idiot. They’re dangerous really, they should be controlled substances. I’m am not a good dancer either but there are some magical moments when a good beat and a couple of catchy lyrics will move my feet.

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