Is nose nair a sign of intellegence or something?

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I just pulled out a nose hair that most people would be happy to have growing on their heads. This is happening a little more frequently than I’d like. Every once in a while I get “Lumberjack Hairs” on my eyebrows, they’re twice as thick and long as normal hairs. Now they’ve moved south into my nose. Is there something about growing older that you need these giant hairs to protect you? Does evolution know that there are giant germs out there looking for me and that these are the last line of defense? It’s only a matter of time before they start coming out of my ears.
We need to stop this great migration!
Is there some kind of fence or border patrol that can keep these hairs out?? They’re taking jobs from all the regular hairs on my face and making my look like a young Andy Rooney.