Schu-Review : Sweetbites Cookies N Creme Cupcake

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If Wade thinks that DC is behind in ‘Food Trends’ then he wouldn’t believe how behind I am! I have never had a ‘High End Cupcake’. This will only be shocking to him and his ilk. So today when everybody was out waiting in line at the Fojol Brothers Indian food truck I decided the time was right to taste one of these bad boys. So I wandered over to the pink SweetBites Truck. They had about 6 kinds to choose from, I chose Cookies and Creme.

The little white bag with a pink sticker was nice, it made it feel OK that you just paid $3 for a cupcake…
The cupcake itself was well made. No burnt bits, No frostingless patches, and No muffin topping, which is a good thing for both deserts and women.

I smelled it first, it smelled like you had added creme to the inside of an Oreo. Then I tasted a little bit of the frosting… awesomenessocity. It was flantabulous, Gargatuantastic, Monumentitude. I have to make up new words to describe how awesome it was. So smooth, so rich, but with a light texture. I mean… it tastes like real ice cream. But no gritty sugar texture, (just fat probably). Then the first bite… the cupcake was chocolate, honestly nothing to make up new words about, but it was a solid chocolate cupcake. It does win points for moistness and for being the right amount of chewy. But the combination of the frosting and the cake was really really… great. No need to make up words for this one. It was seriously, great.

Do I feel like I got my $3 worth out of this cupcake, yes. Do I need to run back out and buy another one? I’ll see when I wake up out of my sugar coma. I was going to rate this a little down because the cupcake part didn’t raise itself up to the $3 level. But the frosting will give me special dreams for the rest of my life. So… Cake 3.5 out of 5… Frosting 10 out of 5.

SweetBites Cookies and Creme Cupcake
4.9 out of 5 Schus