Just Bunches and the downfall of society

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I saw this on the shelf at the grocery store the other day and it really got me thinking.  This is what we’ve come to, we only want the sugary good parts. This is no different than seeing a “Lucky Charms” box with “Just Marshmallows”. except that you would know that Lucky Charms didn’t have anything good for you in there in the first place. This cereal is theoretically made of oats.  Which are theoretically good for you.

This could be true all over the world, but I live in America, so I’m going to speak about Americans.  We want all of the fun with none of the consequences.  We want to eat a cereal that has 7 times more fat than one with an almost identical name.  I know people have free will and freedom of choice in America.  But you know my problem with that?  People are idiots and we make bad decisions.  I would like to know the nutrition benefits of this cereal?  over what?  Just spooning refined sugar into your mouth??

At least you’re not booting black tar heroin, have another scoop of Bunches!

I guess they didn’t expect anyone to actually remember their past commercials beyond that sugar induced coma. Take them at their own word

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