Sympathy for the Juggalos

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I can’t seem to put a finger on my fascination with this particular community. According to Laurel “They are the worst people on Earth”. But being an optimist I want to think that they are just people who have found their own weird niche in the music world, if you don’t like it, then stay out of Cave in Rock, Illinois. Xeni of keeps posting their new videos and you-tube trailers for their “gathering”.  On the surface I want to laugh at their ridiculous face paint and dumb rap lyrics. But then I remember that I’m trying to be more open minded about different communities and I think… Maybe they’re serious about all this ‘comradery’ and ‘friends’ stuff.  So they like weird stuff, so they like to drink generic sugary soft drinks and get blasted on malt liqueur and dance around and scream lyrics that they can still remember at that point. I like festivals, I like middle aged rap artists, I like legends of wrestling drunkenly fighting in the woods lit only by flashlights… whoa, did that just happen.

I think the interest the Boing Boing community has with them is that they are only a debilitating alcohol addiction away from becoming Juggalos themselves. But for now Happy Mutant > Juggalo.

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