Why we shouldn’t be in Iraq

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I can’t even find a way to start this blog. Does the US as the semi-lone superpower have a responsibility to help everyone? Is China out there in other countries deposing dictators? What about… well anybody else. I don’t think it’s any of our business to get involved in the middle east. What’s my main argument? They’re fucked. They always have been and always will be. NPR Mid East History There’s nothing good that can come from the US being involved in military action in Iraq, Iran, or anywhere else over there.

America decided long ago that we weren’t going to stone people to death for “Dishonoring the Family”. We invented Jerry Springer or shipped them off to boarding school. But would we let random strangers strip them naked in the streets and crush their faces with large stones? The still practice old testament justice, 2500 years later. How do we expect to change that with bullets. If they haven’t evolved yet, they’re never going to. We could nuke the place from orbit and 10 years later they would be stoning adulterers with giant pieces of the glass parking lot.

By living around Washington DC I have know several middle eastern men. I have know Iraqis, Iranians, even a guy from Qatar. 90% of them fit into the stereotype. They only care about money, power and material possessions. They have no respect for women. And these are the ones living in America, I can only imagine what it’s like over there.

So why am I all of the sudden writing this post. Well I came across a story today, complete with video of a young woman being stoned to death in Iraq…recently. I’ve lost all hope for these people. Lets get the hell out, start buying electric cars and give the big fuck you to the middle east.