Know-it-alls, shouldn't evolution have sorted them out?

Life, Rants

I hate to make an argument against evolution, but isn’t the existence of Know-it-all people (KIAPs) proof that Evolution doesn’t exist? I hate these people, they aren’t good to talk to, they aren’t good to argue with, they aren’t even good to yell at. They’re always right even when they’re wrong, really really wrong. What’s even worse is having a conversation on a subject that you don’t really fully understand, and you fully admit that, and coming out of it feeling like an idiot anyway.

How do these people mate? It’s mostly men who are KIAPs, the women don’t seem to bug me as much because ALL women think they’re right all the time anyways. I don’t understand what kind of woman would want to be with a guy who constantly tells her that she’s wrong. It’s like pushing two north pole magnets together. People should be evolving into better human beings, not pompous jerks.

But I guess thats in a perfect world.

Damn dirty KIAPs!