Project Progress : The BAR

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In the last post I posted a few pictures of the bar in progress. It’s a little farther on than in those pictures, but it still has a long way to go. Because I’m impatient and also still figuring out what I want to do with the whole setup, I decided to make a mock-up of the bar. I had this idea of using The Rasterbator to make a divided image and mount it in the IKEA frames that I still have from the bar at the Vienna house. But seeing it in action I’m not sure if it has the cool factor that I wanted, it may look different in real life… The front of the bar will be stained in 3 different shades of ‘ebony’ stain with 1x 1/2 wooden strips as dividers. I need to find a place to buy them or how to make them (without table saw swirl marks. I also need to do a test stain on some scrap wood to make sure I can get the effect that I want. Why can’t photoshop be in real life, I would get things done much quicker.