Hey everyone! That guy is our new king.

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This video, besides being awesome, explains exactly what goes on at music festivals.

Let me explain…

1.) So there’s this crazy guy going nuts, he could be actually crazy, or he could be crazy-high. Regardless he’s having a great time and totally going for it. At first everyone is unsure if he’s going to give up, or have a seizure, or flip out on everyone. but when that time frame passes everyone decides that he’s harmless.

2.) Then comes in the slightly less crazy guy. That guy you know that’s always down to back you up on any foolish thing you might get into. At a festival there are tons of these guys, these are good festival peeps. So after a few minutes there are a couple other people around him doing their goofy, “I don’t care because I’m at a festival and haven’t showered for a few days” dance.

3.) The third wave are still fun festival people, but they’re so stoned that it took them a few minutes to realize that something was going on on the other side of the hill. But when they see that it’s not a scary fight, they really want to join in. So they all get over there and start wobbling and jumping around.

4.) Then the final group of people join in. They are the “I’m wearing a sundress girl” or “college t-shirt and sandals guy” The I got invited to this festival by a friend and I thought it would be a good time. They’re down for fun, but they’re too scared to just go for it unless there are a bunch of other people doing it.

Festivals need all these types of people to be great. They’re about getting together with a bunch of other sweaty people and just letting it all out. There’s something about not caring what people think that’s very liberating.

If we just let this crazy guy dance alone, then the terrorists win.