Switched to Netflix

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I was with the Blockbuster online renting service from the begining, but I’ve officially switched to Netflix. It was awesome when they allowed you to get free rentals from the store by returning your envelopes to the store, (still their number one selling point). What was not cool is when they raised their rates and kept the services the same. But I still went with them because I liked to get the most from the plan for the money. I actually upgraded to their maximum plan (3 at a time, unlimited exchanges, $34.99) I could get around 30 movies a month if I kept up with returning them to the store asap.

Netflix users would say that they had a better selection and could get their movies faster, but I stuck with them. Netflix offered their instant download service and stream through Xbox live, I just kept going with them. So what is the final straw?

I’ve watched everything good that blockbuster has to offer.

They have “very long wait” on some items in my queue that I’ve had on there for over a year! Hell yeah that’s a very long wait. I did see that they offer streaming on their service now, but not for all movies, I haven’t paid extra to get a movie from them in 2 years, why would I now? So now I’m going to rent all the weird older movies that BB didn’t stock and get the new releases through Red Box.

So long Blockbuster!