I really want to be Peter Schiff right now.

Life, Rants

Not just because he probably pulled all of his own money out of the markets well before the current situation. But mostly because he has the ultimate “I told you so” going on right now. It’s not just like “I told you the Giants would win the Superbowl” or “Tampa Bay is going to be really good this year” or “Obama”.

Here’s what I want to see… Camera on him sitting alone behind a desk. long pause… “Ben Stein, etc – For years you laughed at my ideas on national TV, suggested that listening to me was akin to believing in Santa Claus, and told people to put all their money in companies that were not only bad investments but actually went out of business in some cases, …you are all idoits, …how would you like to suck my balls. Thank you an goodnight.”

I think China has been playing “Win Ben Steins Money” and he didn’t even know it.

via [Boing Boing]