Schu-Recipe : Spinach and Cheese Turkey Cups

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We needed dinner. We needed to use up some things in the fridge. We were hungry.

Laurel and I created these egg and cheese based turkey lined ‘cupcake’ like things. It was really easy actually. If you’re looking for a quick easy breakfast-for-dinner thing, this is the way to go. Besides the cheese they seem to be semi-healthy too.

Line a muffin tin with 3 pieces of sliced turkey, then add diced onions, shredded (mozzarella) cheese, mushrooms, spinach and more cheese. We added a dusting of garlic powder because we love it so much. Fill with liquid egg whites to keep everything together. We’re not sure about the timing but 350 degrees for about 15 minutes seems about right. Keep an eye on it to be safe. They should come out of the pan with a little coaxing from a spoon.

Then enjoy!

process pictures after the break…