You should'nt make me angry… in the morning.

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I don’t know if it was the fact that I hadn’t had my coffee yet, or that loud noises in the morning really set me off, or just that violence against women in general really pisses me off… but some guy on the metro just got a earful of Mark’s patented blind rage.

I was just sitting there reading the metro paper when I heard a guy’s voice yell “Stop Pushing me!” , “You’re pushing me!” Like most outbursts on a quiet crowded metro it came as quite a shock to my senses. I turned around to see a man in his late 40’s yelling in the face of a woman about a foot shorter and 20 years younger that him. Without any response from her or anyone around him that I could see his shouting quickly turned into “F*** You! F*** You!”

That’s when the details of this confrontation sort of get fuzzy for me because I went into this sort of blind rage but I’m pretty sure I stood up turned around yelled at him and then pointed at him and yelled “Why don’t you shut the F*** up you big piece of s***” or possibly “You want to yell at someone, why don’t you pick on someone your own size”. To which I swear he looked over at me and said “But… she’s pushing me” because he sounded like a little kid, the only thing I could think to say was… “Boo hoo, she’s pushing me.” and maybe something about yelling at a woman… I don’t know really… it was pretty intense.

I’m actually really thankful that there were so many people in between us because in my Mark-Hulk rage I probably would have grabbed him by the neck and thrown him off the train… and that would have been bad… enjoyable… but bad. I really need to learn to handle these situations in a more “Fezzik from Princess Bride” sort of way and less HULK style. But I think Laurel was proud of me in some way.