The "disappointment is" Happening

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I trusted Mr. Shamalyan to make anything interesting. It’s true his movies have been getting less interesting with every one, but I usually find something in them redeeming. The movies are artfully shot and the pacing is good enough to make the tension build. I just think this one is a misfire. I knew the plot was a little goofy going in (thanks internet spoilers) but I thought he could make anything into a thriller. But the problem is any creepy visuals and unnerving moments are shown in the trailer. Once he sets up the plot in the first 20 minutes of the movie there’s just not enough sense of danger to keep the tension building. The ominous shots actually had people laughing in the theater, there just wasn’t enough to keep the audience from going “Oh come on” in their heads. On top of that we get no realy resolution, the Happening just stops Happening, there’s nothing we can do. Which I guess is the point, but this is a movie and I want closure.

I’ll give it 1.5 Schus just for the effort.

But it’s not enough to stop me from seeing his next movie.