Probably a bad idea…

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I just read a story on Dark Horizons that has me feeling old. Well older that I think I should feel. It seems that the Hollywood remake machine has run out of fuel so their just tossing anything in there just to see what comes out. They’re remaking “Short Circuit”. I think this is a bad idea. Not for the usual reasons that you would think. While I do like this movie and remember Johnny 5 very well, I know that this is a bad movie. I still like it… probably because I was 5 years old when it came out. But even I have memories of some horrible robot human dance/love scene… and come on it starred Steve Guttenberg!

Johhny 5, IS ALIVE!!

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lets hope for the best…

Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, Thunder CATS!

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Preach it brother!

No more will the youth of the 80’s have to sit through horrible 70’s tv shows made into feature length movies. Now we will have our own crappy remake movies to complain about. The 80’s revival continues!

ThunderCats are Coming!

You can’t tell me you don’t get a little excited… but unfortunatley they are cat people. So this could come off looking like Andrew Lloyd Webber does He-Man. But there is a slight chance this won’t suck!


But will he be credited as “Savage” Steve Holland?

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Laurel and I were just watching “One Crazy Summer” the other day (which she may or may not have seen, which is a tragedy) and I was thinking about what happened to all the people that were in those movies, besides Cusack and Moore. I mean Booger eeked out a pretty good career. one of them was a Murray brother, and the hot chick was on Dallas for a while. Then today I read a story about the director coming back to make another movie. He’s calling the movie “something that will compliment “Dead” and “Summer,” “. This is great news… I hope he can get Cusack to be in it!

Holland back for another “One”


Geekdom of my Youth…

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So I was looking through the Wikipedia entry for “Fraggle Rock(which is suprisingly thorough) and I read this quote…

In September 2005, it was announced that The Jim Henson Company had begun work on Fraggle Rock: The Movie, with the aim of a release in 2009. The story is said to involve the original Fraggle characters.[1] As of October 2006 this is still current and the BBC reports that the film will be set in the human world with Frank Zappa’s son at the helm. [2] As of October 20, 2006; according to “Henson’s company has hired executive producer Ahmet Zappa (“The Monstrous Memoirs of a Mighty McFearless”) to write a treatment for the film which will be a full-length live-action musical fantasy starring the underground dwellers who venture out into the human world. Henson Co. co-topper Lisa Henson is producing, whilst Brian Henson will exec produce.”

Ok so the Ahmet Zappa part scares me a little, but if the Hensons are executive producers I’m sure it will be fine. 80’s revival worked for the comic industry, lets take it to the theaters.


Tips on Indy 4.

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I found this list of thing the film makers can do to not ruin it. As a person who writes things down uncertain if anyone actually reads them I can appreciate his work. I would add, Keep George Lucas as far out of the loop as possible. I know he wrote, directed, or produced pretty much everything that was really good in the 80’s. But he’s out of it, totally out of touch with reality.

Tips for Indy 4