Satire, now without all that pesky reading

Entertainment, The Interweb

The Onion has been around since time began. You’ve seen it, it’s that site that your smart friends send you links to. You, of course, just ignore them and go back to forwarding cute pictures of cats and watching Youtube videos of people getting hit in the balls. Well now you can combine the desire to lead a sedentary internet life and also be entertained in a witty manner. From the makers of “The Onion” comes…

“The Onion News Network”

It’s like “The Daily Show” but without the restraint of actually having to report “facts” or even semi-factual information. It is genius! It’s completely made up… but there is truth in there. If you can find it, congratulations!  You sir, are not one of the unwashed masses of internet simpletons and the world will forever be your oyster.

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