Weekend jam packed to the maxxxxxxx

Life, Randomness

This weekend was jam packed. I think I did more in two days than I did all last weekend. On Friday softabll season began again with a crushing loss to the “Nova Electrical Workers Union” aka. “The ‘Roiding Bashers”. Saturday Laurel and I decided to play tennis in the extreme heat, idea=good, heatstroke=bad. Nobody died so I was able to watch Virginia Tech get smashed into little pieces by a dominant LSU team. The next day I drove out to Ashburn to watch the Redskins game at Darryl and Nadine’s house. It was a pretty good game (Skins win!) Just when you think I can’t pack anything more into this weekend… We see Lynard Skynard play in Leesburg. Busy weekend, but all I can say is…