The Culture of Snow

Life, Rants

What the hell is wrong with people around here? That’s a question I usaully ask myself around this time of year. I mean it snows enough in this part of the country that you think people would be used to it. I think that its because this area is so transient, people move in and don’t have time to adjust to the climate before it snows. Then when it does come they freak out.

I think we need a Virginia department of snow. Their responsibilities would include educating the population on how to drive in the snow, average area snowfall, and not stocking up on all the food at the supermarket on the threat of snow. He should also control the media reports of snow, they shouldn’t be able to sensationalize the impending snowstorm just to increase ratings. He would control school closings thus influencing the next generation of snow drivers.

I would like to throw my name into the hat which will be thrown into the ring which will be filled with contenders. May the best man be the next Snow Czar.