The Core: Such a guilty pleasure I should be put to death.

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I read an article about guilty pleasures once that said we shouldn’t be ashamed to admit that we like them. We’ll I’ll admit that I like ‘Roadhouse’ and ‘Rad’ or any other 80’s movie that starts with the letter ‘R’. But this is a tough one. ‘The Core’ has a solid disaster movie beginning, things blow up, birds go crazy. I mean come on an Oscar winner lands the freaking space shuttle in the middle of downtown LA. I mean the cast of this movie is awesome, Delroy Lindo, Hillary Swank, Aaron Eckhart, that guy, that other guy. All these people have been in other, much better movies. But somehow this became the ‘Showgirls’ of disaster movies. Not that this genre has had many shining moments. I really don’t know how this movie got made, I guess Hollywood does really think we’re all idiots.

I can pretty much put up a solid defense for the first half of the movie. Standard stuff, lone scientist finds out that the world is ending, nobody believes him, incredible technology… but that’s where this movie loses it. Unlike ‘Armageddon’ which has a remarkably similar plot (really really similar). There’s just no way anybody with a functionionign brain can believe the technology in this movie. So don’t try. Just ride it out. Actually you could just stop watching the movie at about halfway and just make up your own ending and be just as happy with yourself. You’d probably come up with something as good as the real thing.

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