Rehabbing the greatest beerpong table of all time.

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It’s been a while since Ive worked on this thing. It never really was finished in the first place. We needed it to be ready for Halloween 2006 so we just tucked in all the wires and put it out on the deck.

It stayed out there for 4 years.

Not withstanding the occasional indoor game in the front room. Then the guys moved out of the house and I became guardian of the table. We set it up a few times at the Oakton house, my birthday was celebrated by a game in the yard. It’s see some good times. If you’re thinking now is the time where I say that IM getting rid of it… Dream on buster. I’m finally giving it the shrine it deserves. I’ll eventually finish designing the “fold down mount”. But for now I just want to get it up on the wall. But while I’m doing that I thought it would be a good time to secure some wires and clean it up a little.

I’ll post some pictures later.