Treated like a 4th class shipper

Life, Rants

I finally got the DVDs to the post office yesterday. I shipped them “Media Mail” which apparently is some secret code for “Cheapest Shipping Possible”. I’d never heard of it and it wasn’t even listed on the “menu”. But when I said it out loud to the woman behind the counter looked at me like I said “Hey, ship this for me while I kick your puppy”. I didn’t have any tape to close the box so she made me buy some tape… which i didn’t really mind. But when I joked “I’m not spending enough to get free tape?” she replied “Basically”

It just made me think of how little I actually ship things and I hardly ever get anything worthwhile in the mail. I’d recomend using this service if you have any media to mail and you don’t mind being treated like you’re trying to pull a fast one.