Update Albo still a douche. Rust also douche.

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Washington Post Article

A quote from Albo

“My job as a delegate is to make people slow down and build some roads,” Albo said. “This bill does both.”

No dumbass, you can’t do both. The intake of money comes from the fact that people aren’t slowing down and thus have to pay your insane fine.


In Virginia, the fee can be paid over three years. After the first third is paid at the courthouse, the other two are to be billed by the state Department of Motor Vehicles. DMV officials have not determined how that will work, a spokeswoman said.

So this law goes into effect in 7 days and you haven’t even worked out the payment details? Stinks like you snuck this into a larger bill because there’s no way this would pass on its own. OH WHAT’S THAT? You tried to pass this bill before and it didn’t work. I love politics!

OH WAIT, I fucking hate politics.

Still pissed off…