Breakfast of Champeons.

Life, Randomness

The chilling sound of my doom.How can I not eat this. I went into the overpriced coffee shop only because I’d stayed up to 12:30 watching the first half of Leviathan and then I couldn’t wake up because the Hip Hop morning show on 95.5 wasn’t enough to wake me from my underwater dreamworld. I wanted a coffee, I needed fuel, but as I was standing in line I read the words that will haunt my fat cells forever.

“Chocolate chip Scone”

As if that wasn’t enough printed below them in smaller font hugged by parenthesis

“(filled with caramel)”

HOW MUCH, how much do you want for this morsel of delicious love‽


Huzzah! At that point I might have given you all I had to partake in this feast. I gave her the card and then scurried out of franchise hell and into my office. Now I sit here in the crumbly aftermath waxing poetic about the cavern of caramel sludge that poured out of this delectible lump of dough.

And the coffee wasn’t bad either.