What the hell just happened?

Entertainment, music

Seriously what in the name of funk is going on here. I drove to work and listened to the Sports Junkies yesterday and then I drive home and HFS has become El Zol playing latin and carribean dance music. I am not lying this really happened. This is not the plot from Airheads….oh wait YES IT IS. Why did no one hold the station hostage and ask for a football helmet full of cottage cheese and naked pictures of Bea Aurther? That’s what should have happened. But instead it went out like a bitch. At 12:01 the station went silent and then came back at 12:05 with nary an english word to be spoken. I can’t believe that there will be no HFStival this year. That was like the official start of Summer. It was a tradition for me and lots of people in the DC area. And I think it will be a big loss, I think DC101 should pick up the slack and fill the void with a giant festival of their own. just to carry on the tradition. I’m not going to get all sappy about it, but it sucks when somethign familiar that you have grown up with is no longer there, and very very suddenly. Rumor has it that the Junkies will be back on the air soon… we can only hope. RIP HFS 12:01 1/12/2005