This video is a little long and sappy, but it does make you want to go out and have a really good beer. I really like Craft beer, my favorite recently has been Southern Tier Unearthly IPA. I just feel like ST puts so much flavor into their beers. I’m not the kind of beer snob that can’t enjoy a few Miller lites now and then. But these brewers really do put in some work and produce beer that they can be proud of.


This is the best tribute to douchbags since My new Haircut. They’ve clearly got the stereotype down to a science, guys at the office wearing bluetooth headsets, affliction t-shirts, aviator glasses playing beerpong. While I do like some of these activities individually I do acknowledge that it might make me look like a douche.

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1. ) This really makes me want to go to a Cirque du Soleil show.

2.) I want to jump on a trampoline.

3.) It totally reminds me of this…

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YouTube – Buckethead – I Like It Raw (ODB Tribute).

I love Buckethead. He never ceases to impress me. His music is one long guitar solo. When people started break dancing they just took the break beats from rap songs and looped them over and over. Because they thought that was the best part of the song. It’s like he got tired of playing rhythm and choruses and just said “Fuck it, I’ll just play a 7 minute solo, deal with it”

This mashup with ODB is killer.


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Season tips off November 13th against Liberty in Fairfax. Should be intense!

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