I am so glad to be out of High School…6 years later.

Life, Rants

While I was cruising around the intarweb I found a log of incidents of kids getting suspended for violations of the “zero tolerance policies” I can’t begin to explain here the asshattery that is going on in schools today. Zero tolerance movement grew out of the reaction to the Columbine shootings in 1999 (i think) Having been in school on that day I can relate to the paranoia about strange kids in overcoats. But I believe that it has gotten out of hand. I remember when Mr. Johnson came to North Stafford in my senior year, he instated all kinda of new rules and enforced other ones. I remember thinking it was pretty horrible. But things have gotten ridiculous. I think that if you squeeze these kids too tight then some of them are going to pop. Teenagers need room to express themselves. Don’t get me wrong there are limits. But Zero Tolerence is not the answer, the policies need a little common sense built into them. I don’t really know why I went on this rant, but I am just so thankfull that I dont have to go back to PC Nazi high school ever again and don’t have kids in school yet! Our Horrible Children